Arcoaire HVAC Systems Repair

Certified Experts for Arcoaire HVAC Systems Repair

Arcoaire Air Conditioning & Heating is a globally recognized supplier of heating and cooling systems and equipment. Their extensive catalog of products includes air conditioners, air purifiers, gas furnaces, heat pumps, fan coils, and evaporator coils. If your Arcoaire unit has some troubles or needs maintenance, then contact Smart Home Air and Heating.

When Should You Repair Your Unit?

When your heating and cooling system is working without any issues, you experience a comfortable and relaxing stay at home and have a normal electricity bill. But when a part malfunction or your unit stops working, it can give you nothing but trouble and headache. So, how do you know if it’s time to repair or replace your unit? Smart Home Air and Heating can give you a thorough diagnosis of your system and present you with professional advice. To help you choose, here’s a list of factors to consider.

Here are some reasons to repair the unit:

  • The cost of repairs is less than a third of the value for a replacement
  • The unit is less than 10 years old
  • The unit still has a warranty

When Should You Replace Your Unit?

Replacing all or some components of a heating and cooling system can be a huge expense. When an older unit has frequent issues or shows signs of efficiency and performance, it could be more cost-effective to upgrade your system than fix it. Smart Home Air and Heating can help you inspect your heating and cooling system and help you choose a replacement that suits your needs and budget.

Here are some reasons for considering replacement on your heating or cooling unit:

  • The repairs cost half the value of the replacement
  • The unit requires constant repairs.
  • Expired warranty 
  • The furnace is more than 15 years old, or the AC is more than 10 years old