lg ac units

Get LG Certified Repair Service Provider

Over the years, LG has offered some of the industry’s best and most effective HVAC systems. With constant innovations released to the market, LG works diligently to stay ahead of the game, with heating and air conditioning equipment that flawlessly keeps your home comfortable and your utility bills low. That’s why the team at Smart Home Air and Heating is proud to be an LG-certified repair provider.

Although LG is one of the most recognized names in electronics brands around the world, it’s still important to have a trusted service provider whenever their units encounter issues. Smart Home Air and Heating, being a manufacturer-approved LG service provider, can help you with all your concerns and problems with your HVAC units. With over 25 years of experience in servicing LG heating and cooling units. We fix or install LG air conditioner promptly, efficiently, and make sure it faces no issues.

A common reason for HVAC malfunctions is the lack of maintenance. It is important to schedule regular maintenance to keep your HVAC equipment on top shape and efficient. If you have your unit unmaintained and facing problems, it’s best to go with Smart Home Air and Heating for both scheduled and emergency LG repair and replacement service.

Professional and Experienced LG Technicians

Our LG maintenance and services are certified and accredited. Our technicians trained under LG specialists to enhance their knowledge and skill in handling such appliances. With the services we offer, you can expect a swift and hassle-free experience. Some advantages of regular LG servicing include:

  • Our technicians identify possible problems early to keep costs and repair to a minimum.
  • A carbon monoxide test and inspection of electrical components to make sure the system is safe from problems and hazards.
  • Cleaning A/C components and filters to prevent the spread of contaminants and debris throughout the house, producing better air quality.

Each time you forget to service your LG heating and cooling equipment, the more chances you’re going to get problems in the future. Contact us today to schedule a long overdue visit.